Extensive knowledge of all aspects related to agronomics, including much experience at large, multi-course facilities

Broad tournament preparation experience, specifically numerous PGA Tour events throughout Florida

Effective in preparing and managing maintenance budget that optimizes course conditions and cost efficiency

Considerable participation in golf course construction, featuring both renovation and new course construction

Seasoned in the maintance of many key grass species including expetise in numerous warm-season types



Whether preparing a course for competition at the highest level or enjoying eighteen holes with friends, I have always had a passion for the game of golf. Each day I thoroughly enjoy getting up and meeting the inevitable challenges that lay ahead and, with an entrepreneurial mindset, I look forward to focusing on real solutions and avoiding the distractions that tend to hold others back.


My managerial style is one of leading by example.  Whether that means jumping in a hole to fix an irrigation leak or putting in extra time for a member guest or PGA TOUR event, I simply do not require others to perform tasks that I am unwilling to complete myself.   Further, I have found that building a strong foundation of trust and respect is an essencial part of maintaining a high level of staff loyality and productivity. When members of my staff have gone above and beyond their normal responsibilities, I am quick to recognize their accomplishments knowing that, without their efforts, it is impossible to run a smooth golf course maintenance operation.


My agronomic style focuses on firm, consistent playing conditions. This style is largely a product of my experience at several world-class facilities that maintain both cool-season and warm-season grasses. As a scratch player, I also appreciate that active golfers and PGA TOUR professionals alike expect equitable playing conditions and a properly marked course.  From experience, I know that firm, consistent playing conditions are the most enjoyable, and I strive to maintain such conditions as often as Mother Nature will allow.



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